How to Invest

The share offer is being launched officially on 1st June and you can invest directly on the website:

We have chosen to manage this process ourselves because specialist companies charge high fees and take a significant percentage of the money raised.

Investment funds will be paid to FMCBS, which is legally incorporated as a Community Benefit Society. Confirmation from the Financial Conduct Authority and our rules are available here:

Members must be at least 16 years of age. FMCBS will receive monies from potential investors into the Fromehall Mill CBS share offer Open Collective (fiscal hosting platform) set up for this purpose.

Open Collective is a transparent finances global platform for community organisations. It is not a crowdfunding platform but is similar in that it a place for holding funds until needed for a designated purpose, in our case the purchasing of The Mill. For more information about Open Collective fiscal hosting platform see Open Collective – Make your community sustainable. Collect and spend money transparently.

All investment funds will be held untouched until the community share offer closes. The share offer window has been extended. If the community share offer and application to the Community Ownership Fund are successful the money will be used to purchase The Mill. If the offer is not successful all monies will be returned to investors less a small administration fee.

For ease of administration we would prefer you to apply online. If you would prefer to apply using a paper form please download the printable form at the bottom of this page.

After you submit your online application form you will get an acknowledgement email with a unique shareholder number and payment details to enable you to make the transfer of investment funds to the FMCBS account. This unique shareholder number MUST be used as a reference on your bank transfer, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we can match you to your payment.

Once we have checked we have received your money you will receive another email confirming your investment is safe in the account.

We will contact all applicants again once the share offer ends to let you know how much has been raised and what the next steps are.

Additional Information

You may also apply for joint ownership of shares. All parties to the joint application must be eligible for Membership, and one of the applicants must act as the nominee representing the interests of the joint applicants. Joint applicants are treated as one Member with one vote.

Organisations can apply for Membership. A Member, which is an organisation, must appoint a representative to attend Members Meetings on its behalf, and otherwise to take part in the affairs of the Society. Such appointment shall be made in writing, signed on behalf of the governing body of the corporate body.

Members must be at least 16 years of age. You have the option of holding shares on behalf of someone who is under 16. Following that person’s 16th birthday, they may become a Member of the Society and those shares can be passed on to them.

If you would like to hold shares on behalf of children, this option is included in the application form.

You can nominate a person aged 16 or over to whom you wish your shares to be transferred on your death. Trustees will need to be appointed for a nominee under 16 years old. FMCBS will respect your wish insofar as the law and our rules permit. If you are a joint shareholder, your holding will pass to the other joint shareholder(s) on your death unless you complete a nomination form. The maximum amount of any such transfer is £5,000.

Applications for all of the above can be found here: